Housing Matcher

JOB SUMMARY:  The SPA 3 Housing Matcher facilitates linkage of eligible clients to applicable housing resources. The Housing Matcher acts as a liaison between CES housing navigators and permanent housing providers, landlords, and associated systems of care to support the application and lease-up process.


The SPA 3 Housing Matcher will provide oversight, review, and compile reports to ensure the accuracy and integrity of CES program outcomes. and client records – both in HMIS and physical charts.



Matching Responsibilities

  • Housing Matcher will “match” using the Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) to prioritize individuals who are most appropriate for the centralized housing resources.
  • Work closely with local permanent supportive housing providers as well as the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Health Services to ensure relevant housing pathway criteria are met.
  • Track and manage the matching process both through HMIS and through internal CES tracking systems.
  • Serve as SPA 3 representative in county-wide efforts to develop future data platform utilization that supports the matching process.
  • Work with SPA 3 CES Coordinator if challenges arise with outside partner agencies that are tasked with providing primary housing navigation support.
  • Develop systems to track, monitor, and improve the permanent housing placement time of outside partner agencies from participant entry to permanent housing placement.
  • Oversee the coordination with other agency departments and outside entities to ensure staff access identified housing resources quickly and seamlessly.
  • Ensure the accuracy of monthly, quarterly and annual reports for all necessary program reports.
  • Track success rate and timelines from housing match to permanent housing placement.
  • Review data reports prior to submission and work with appropriate staff/agencies to correct inaccuracies or data errors.
  • Manage housing resource database.
  • Function as the primary liaison between permanent supportive housing providers and SPA 3 housing navigators.

Quality Assurance Responsibilities

  • Review SPA 3 CES charts and records in HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) on a monthly basis and upon exit to ensure compliance with agency guidelines.
  • Integrate and apply changing guidelines as directed by LAHSA, United Way, or USHS as related to quality assurance policies and procedures. Communicate said changes to SPA 3 CES staff.
  • Review and compile reports on a monthly basis related to quality assurance measures.
  • Work with SPA 3 CES staff and their supervisors to make necessary QA related corrections in a timely manner.


General Responsibilities

  • Participate in staff meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in human services or related field preferred.
  • Experience completing or reviewing client service plans.
  • Experience conducting audits of social service charts/documentation desired.
  • Experience assisting low and very-low income individuals access affordable housing.
  • Experience working with individuals who have experienced homelessness, mental health concerns, or substance use preferred.
  • Experience with database development and management desired.
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