Teton MtnWe recently received a donation from Chester, who went through our program more than 20 years ago. He told us about his life today:

“I am sending a donation in appreciation for the help I received from your program. I was a resident at [The Adult Center at] 412 S. Raymond in 1990. Because of the help I received there, I have been clean and sober for 22 years.

Union Station gave me the opportunity to stop my free fall in life. It helped me understand what my life could become – and showed me how to get there.

I always think of Union Station with the deepest…respect, reverence, gratitude, and appreciation. It gave me my life back.  Its incredible how much Union Station has grown since 1990. When I went through the program, there were 36 beds and it was co-ed.

Life has been good to me. I am retired now. I’ve moved to Idaho. I rent an apartment on the river. I have a half-acre yard and a view of the Teton Mountains. Every single day of my life is outstanding.

I made a gift to Union Station because I’m trying to repay the people who helped me — This is in gratitude for all my blessings. Thank you.”

— Chester Russell Jr., Alumnus of Union Station Homeless Services, Class of October 1990

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