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 “The people at Sources really helped me emotionally and socially.”


[/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””] Courtney was a driven student. As a student ambassador studying health science at San Jose State University, she made sure she stayed active in sororities and student life events, and was subsequently hired into the Student Services department. “I was going like a locomotive,” she recalls.
“I had a lot going on, and it was hard to get out of overdrive.”

She ended up developing mental health issues, including depression and bipolar disorder. “I found out that I wasn’t as healthy as I thought I was,” Courtney says. She endured several hospitalizations, and upon returning home, felt the need to get away from her life; her “empire,” as she puts it.

Courtney moved away from family and, with the help of Union Station, ended up at a shelter in downtown Los Angeles, where she spent time recuperating. “Although
I may have looked like I was put together on the outside, I had gaping wounds,” Courtney shares. “I was bleeding. You couldn’t see it, but I was.” When she had an opportunity to move back to the San Gabriel Valley to live with friends, Courtney was able to reconnect with Union Station, and enrolled in Sources.

She went through Sources’ course on career planning, resume-building and interviewing. “They teach you how to build your resume; what works, what doesn’t work,” she explains. “It was everything associated with finding a career. A foot in the door. And they were very kind and approachable.” With time, determination and the help of the Sources team, Courtney was finally able to find employment in the financial aid department of a Southern California university.
“They assisted me with interview prep, and they have a clothing closet of donated professional clothes which allowed me to dress the part,” Courtney recalls. “They also have a voucher program, so I was able to get some shoes.”

Today, she works with and advises student counselors on best practices and organizes conferences. She can’t say enough about all the help she received to get to where she is now. “The people at Sources really helped me emotionally and socially. It was a breath of fresh air to be around them.”

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