Curtis and LaViva

 “If you want to go forward in life, Sources is the place!”

– Curtis

Curtis was a successful entrepreneur and a home owner. “Success always came easy to me,” he says. But between the highs, there were deep lows for Curtis. “My addiction ruined it all. I lost the house. I lost the business.” His addiction even cost him his freedom, and Curtis ended up incarcerated.

Thankfully, Curtis met LaViva, Director of Sources, our career development program. “If you want to change, to go forward in life and find something that fits who YOU really are, Sources is the place! It’s not just about finding a job. It’s about a transformed life,” says Curtis.

Curtis discovered that at Union Station Homeless Services, we give people a new beginning—one that is truly ripe with possibility.

Today, Curtis is an instructor at Homeboy Industries, teaching a 16-week solar technology course to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women. “I take people like myself, and I help give them a chance. Five of my students have jobs already, earning a salary with full benefits!”

Curtis exudes confidence when asked about his future. “My life is great! I’ve learned the joy and benefits of accountability. And now I know—everything I did led me to this place.”

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