formerly homeless manJason is proof that homelessness can happen to anyone. Raised in a middle class family in South Pasadena, Jason benefitted from a happy childhood and a great education. “I had a normal life all through high school, but I hit problems when my mom and grandma died. I just didn’t have the coping skills.”

Jason knew things had spun out of control when he lost his apartment because of an escalating drinking problem. After rehab, a friend told him that Union Station would be able to provide him with everything he needed to get back on his feet.

At our Adult Center, Jason met weekly with a case manager to address on the issues that led to his homelessness. “She was helpful and kind, and always there to listen. Union Station doesn’t make you feel homeless. They helped me maintain my dignity and hope.”

Today Jason has been sober for more than two years and is living in his own apartment. He is full of hope for a better future, and says he has three wishes: to see his child, to be successful (financially and with his family) and to prevent others from experiencing what he went through.

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