“My sons are doing so well. They feel safe again.”

– Katie 


Katie had a good life. She worked as a hairstylist and had a happy home life, with two energetic boys, Brian and Marcus.

But Katie’s world crumbled when her mother died. Overcome with grief, she disconnected from life and distanced herself from her friends, her family, and the job she loved.

When she could no longer pay her rent, Katie and her children were evicted from the apartment they had lived in for 15 years.

Homeless and still grieving, Katie turned to Union Station Homeless Services, where she found everything she needed to regain control of her life: a roof over her children’s heads at Euclid Villa, counseling, support – and compassion.

With new-found hope, and a safe place to live, Katie and her kids are thriving. “My case manager just knows what I need. She sent me to therapy for anxiety and depression. My sons are also doing so well. They feel safe again.”

Katie has been able to save money to get back on her feet. She is eager to start working again and is looking for a job.

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