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Kyle was just a 16 when he and his mother and siblings ended up homeless. His father left the family, and his mother developed a serious drinking problem.

“When I came to the FamilyCenter, me and my family were basically in broken pieces,” he says. At the FamilyCenter,  they found the support and the resources they needed to put the pieces back together and start rebuilding their lives.

His mother began her journey back to sobriety and found a job with the help of Sources. With the support of FamilyCenter case managers and PUSD’s Families in Transition program, Kyle and his brothers were able to return to school and catch up.

Within a few months, the family moved into their own apartment. Kyle graduated high school, and is now a confident 21-year-old with a fulfilling job.

“When I came to the FamilyCenter, I was in a really dark place. At the FamilyCenter, I found peace. I could finally see that there was something better at the end of the tunnel.”

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