Manuel is never without one of two things: a warm, welcoming smile and his acoustic guitar. He has a positive disposition and is always willing to share one of his original songs of encouragement. To meet him, you would think he had no care in the world. However, Manuel’s smile masks the challenges he has had to face.

When the recession hit, Manuel’s employer was forced to let him go.  Unable to find immediate employment, Manuel became homeless and began living in his car.

Throughout his life, Manuel had always had a positive outlook.  Yet, the reality of losing his employment and housing greatly challenged his confidence. “I didn’t know what I would do,” he said, “but I had faith that things would get better.” Through it all, Manuel refused to give up. Eventually, he made his way to Union Station’s AdultCenter.

“My life has improved so much since finding Union Station,” Manuel says. While at the AdultCenter, Manual enrolled in Sources, our career development program. His life continued to improve. “Sources is great!” he says.  “The program allowed me to increase my computer skills, help with my resume and I even received me bus tokens to go to job interviews,” he continued.

Manuel knows that life has challenges but his experience with Union Station has helped him stay positive.

“Life can be hard,” he says, “but sometimes the bad situations are meant as lessons to change your heart.” He continued by saying, “with faith and the support of good people, things can turn around.”

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