Mary Ann

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“Union Station showed me the way – I feel loved and wanted.”[/ezcol_1quarter]


Mary Ann worked in social services for about 20 years and used to refer clients to Union Station Homeless Services. But as Mary Ann worked to help others put their lives together, hers was slowly coming apart.

She developed health problems, and was diagnosed with severe depression. Living in tight quarters with extended family made her life full of tension.

After growing family conflicts and medical problems, Mary Ann lost her job and lived out of motels. “I didn’t want to work. I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to go away,” Mary Ann remembers.

Mary Ann took a brave step by admitting to herself that she needed help, and she found it from a familiar place – Union Station. Mary Ann credits the supportive staff at the Adult Center for helping her save enough money to get back on her feet, and also for improving her mental and physical health.

“My counselor convinced me to get dental services,” Mary Ann recalls.  “It helped improve my health and outlook on life. I’m able to smile now; life has improved.”

After three months at our Adult Center, Mary Ann moved to Centennial Place, Union Station’s permanent supportive housing for adults. “I slept for an entire day!” Mary Ann says of her first night there. “I thought to myself ‘I have my own bed!’ It was neat to have my own space.”

Mary Ann was able to use the comprehensive services provided by Union Station to help better understand her health needs. “I was re-diagnosed with bipolar disorder [not depression]. I wouldn’t have known how to manage this properly without the help at Centennial Place.”

Today, Mary Ann is able to live life independently and happily. She says Centennial Place is like a “big house” where everyone shares, has a lot of fun, and makes everyone feel welcome. She now has a part-time position in Temple City and hopes to work up to a full-time job soon.

“Union Station showed me the way – I feel loved and wanted.”[/ezcol_3quarter_end]

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