formerly homeless womanRaquel ended up homeless when her drug addiction spiraled out of control.  “I ended up on skid row. I was using and my perception was so skewed, somehow I didn’t even mind it at first,” says Raquel in disbelief.

“One day…I just woke up – I smelled the smell. I felt the sadness. I felt how hungry I was. It was like I was trapped among the walking dead, “says Raquel.  “I looked around and realized I had hit rock bottom. That was my moment of clarity — I really needed help.”

Raquel found the help she needed at Union Station Homeless Services. At Union Station, she went through a rehabilitation program and lived at our Adult Center while she rebuilt her life. She attended Sources, our career development program, and found the motivation she needed to plan for her future.

For the first time, a bright future feels like real possibility. “I’d like to go to school for dental assisting. I want to get a good job. I want to set a positive example, so people can see that it is possible to crawl out of this hole – I was lying in my grave. It really is possible to change your life.”

Raquel says change is a painful process, but she thinks of herself as a diamond in the rough. “Sometimes you have to really grind down deep to reveal something beautiful.”

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