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 “I’m so thankful we ended up at the Family Center.”


[/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””] Even though Rochelle has seen hard times, she stays positive for her children. She became pregnant at 15, and then went through a series of abusive and dangerous relationships. “I stood as much of it as I could,” says Rochelle. “I grew up without a father, and I didn’t want that for my kids.”

When her mother developed breast cancer, Rochelle moved to La Puente to care for her and ensure a safe space for her children. Her mother eventually recovered, but the pressure of the disease, coupled with having six people in a one-bedroom apartment, put a severe strain on the relationship. Rochelle was told she had to leave.

“I didn’t have anywhere to go,” Rochelle says. After living in her car for a month with her four children, Rochelle was connected with Union Station’s Family Center in Pasadena.

“I’m so thankful we ended up at the Family Center,” Rochelle recalls. “It was the best homeless shelter. I was expecting it to be dirty, with people fighting and not really caring about anybody. It was completely the opposite. I cried when I had to leave!”

Five months after arriving at the Family Center, Rochelle and her children had the opportunity to move into Union Station’s newest permanent supportive housing, Marv’s Place. “I’m really excited that we’re here. We get to come home to our own home. It’s so beautiful. I’m so thankful for these apartments. And they furnished it and everything—we didn’t have to buy a couch or even pots and pans to cook.”

Now that she and her family have a safe place to stay, Rochelle is planning to return to school for business management. “There is hope,” she says with confidence. “Don’t feel like there’s nobody out there to help you, because Union Station will. There is help out there, and they’re going to help you.”[/wpcol_3quarter_end]

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