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 “Union Station is promoting confidence in me.”


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After ending an unhealthy relationship, Tezitzalai opted to move back into her mother’s house in Pasadena with her two young kids. At first, things were fine for them there. “I rolled with the punches, I got a job, I started working again,” she says, “but I was still at my mother’s house.” As friction developed between them, Tezitzalai decided she had no choice but to move out and find a place of her own.

It was then that Tezitzalai realized she not only had nowhere to go, but she also hadn’t been able to develop certain life skills, such as managing money. “I didn’t have the responsibility of ever paying a bill,” Tezitzalai admits.

Out of options and with two young children to care for, she found herself at a crossroads. “I had the choice of either Union Station or going back to that unhealthy relationship,” Tezitzalai shrugs. “And that’s when I came to the Family Center.”

Tezitzalai is starting to develop those skills she was missing. “I thought I knew how to work, I thought I knew how to save money,” she insists. “And now that’s what I’m learning here.” Tezitzalai is proud to be making excellent use of Union Station’s client banking program, having saved $1,000 for the first time in her life!
She’s working hard to find permanent housing, but Tezitzalai is grateful for Union Station’s Family Center. “There’s so much support here!” she says emphatically. That support is something she wants to pay forward. “I want to be a success story, whether I’m here a month, or two, or longer. Union Station is promoting that confidence in me.” Tezitzalai’s dream is now to be a motivational speaker, helping those who’ve been in her position.

“I’m finally on my own, and it’s such a scary feeling!” Tezitzalai covers her mouth, gasping momentarily. “But they say that great opportunity is gained through adversity. That’s how I feel right now.” And then she pauses, smiling. “I’m getting ready to fly.”[/wpcol_3quarter_end]



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