On-Call Resident Advisor

The On-Call Resident Advisor fills open shifts (evenings, nights, and weekends) due to absences by regular staff and is generally expected to be available on short notice if needed.

SUMMARY:  Under the supervision of the Overnight Shelter Manager, the On-Call Resident Advisor is responsible for the shelters at the Adult Center and/or the Family Center. This position supervises resident activities, interacts with residents and staff in a positive and courteous manner, supervises the volunteers, and ensures a safe environment for the residents at those facilities. The On-Call Resident Advisor provides continuity for the case managers in their efforts to assist residents with legal, health, personal, recovery, and other issues.


  • Help secure the premises and account for current residents at the beginning of each shift.
  • Document any resident issues in the Weekly Client Information Log noting current state of residents, problems, and any incidents / information of note. Cross-reference with the Client Log sheets. Contact appropriate staff via e-mail if needed to report issues and/or incidents.
  • Maintain accurate resident records and logs, and assist with accurate nightly and monthly reports of the resident’s presence at shelter for reporting purposes. Update Medication Logs as needed.
  • Enter notes into HMIS database system.
  • Review documents with new residents; obtain required signatures. Assemble new resident charts.
  • Upon learning of personal health and welfare needs of the residents, encourage residents to seek any needed assistance from their primary case managers.
  • Provide appropriate crisis intervention to residents in the form of support and/or problem solving.
  • Supervise resident responsibilities to ensure that beds are made properly, items stored, and each resident’s general sleeping area is left neat and clean.
  • Supervise dorm monitors to ensure that their duties are carried out.
  • Ensure that all kitchen duties are completed, kitchen is clean and everything is put away.
  • Provide basic cleaning at assigned site, such as vacuuming, trash removal, etc., before shift ends.
  • Occasionally, will determine the menu, prepare the food, and serve the evening meal.
  • Receive and store donations of food and other items according to procedures.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with volunteers by providing support and supervision as needed.
  • Report building or equipment problems, hazards, etc., to the appropriate administrative staff.
  • Participate in job related training events and attend staff meetings as required by supervisor.


  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Basic computer skills and ability to accurately enter notes into database system.
  • Minimum two years of demonstrated ability to work effectively with adults in an adult setting and/or families with children in a family-oriented facility.
  • Familiarity in understanding and dealing with residents with history of drug and/or mental health related issues. Knowledge of crisis intervention.
  • High school diploma or GED required.
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