Host an Event

Reducing Homelessness is fun and simple.

Be designating Union Station Homeless Services as the beneficiary of your fundraising event, you can be part of the solution!

Get Started!

Download our Outside Fundraising Guide and make a difference today! Here are just a few creative ideas to get you started:

At Work or School

  • Sack Lunch Challenge: Challenge your coworkers to bring their lunch to work one day a week, and donate the money they have saved to Union Station. You can also challenge them to forfeit their morning latte.
  • Jeans Day:  Staff or students can pay $5 each to wear jeans instead of more formal attire!
  • Lunch and Learn: Schedule a lunch and learn at your work, and Union Station will send a speaker to tell your staff about our life-changing programs


  • Fund Drive: Host a fund drive for Union Station at your office, on campus, or with friends online. Set a realistic goal and challenge others to participate by donating money or goods to benefit Union Station. Encourage them to get their friends and family involved. Tip: You can work with your Human Resources, Community Relations or Student Outreach department to get everyone involved and make this an annual event. 
  • Birthday Gifts: Don’t want another tchotchke cluttering up your home? In lieu of gifts, ask your friends, family and coworkers to donate to Union Station in honor of your birthday.


  • Athletic Milestone: Running a marathon or riding in a bike race? Ask your friends and family to sponsor you or make a tribute gift to Union Station in your honor .
  • Walk/Run: Organize your own walk/run with friends, colleagues, and family. Plan a route in your neighborhood (or venture somewhere new) and end with a casual lunch or barbecue. Encourage participants to bring a donation for Union Station.

Budding Entrepreneurs

  • Car Wash: Organize a car wash and donate proceeds to Union Station.
  • Lemonade and Cookie Stand: This is a great opportunity to get the kids involved and instill the values of philanthropy at a young age. Here’s a great example of one 6-year-old who came through for us!

Sack Lunch Challenge


Lemonade Stand


Do you have feedback, more event suggestions, photos, or a story about an amazing event you’ve hosted? Let us know!  Email or post on our Facebook page.