Planned Giving

Ordinary people are showing extraordinary generosity by leaving legacy gifts in their will and trusts.

You can leave a legacy by joining the


By making a “planned gift,” you can continue to help Union Station rebuild lives for years to come.

We need support from people like you to continue our work. Did you know that more than 80% of Americans donate to nonprofit groups, but only 8% chose to continue their support through a bequest? By making bequests and other “planned gifts,” you can leave an important legacy for your community.

You can also participate in Pasadena Community Foundation’s charitable gift annuity program and receive income while supporting Union Station!

If you would like to learn more about leaving a planned gift to Union Station, please contact Dana Bean at (626) 240-4558 or


Special Thanks to our Legacy Society Members:

Ronald and Marisol Aday
Lawanda R. Allee
James A. Avedikian
Richard and Sharon Barlow
David and Alice Bell
Mrs. Helen Boreham
Todd and Barbara Brewer
Charles and Diane Carroll
Gary Clayton
Cathleen M. Clement
Robert and Merrily Dunlap
Vivian Dunn
Edith R. Emery
Nancy L. Fairchild and Greg J. Boreham
Fredric and Joanne Fletcher
Rayma Forrest
Cecilia Fox
Elizabeth Frederick
Gunar and Yu Freiberg
Garth G. Gilpin and Elizabeth J. Smalley
Delbert and Elaine Goehner
John Haeckl
James and Tina Hart
Dick and Loretta Heiser
Dennis and Aideen Honzay
Mitchell E. Kauffman and Joanne Moran
Paula Krueger
David L. Kamansky and Gerald M. Wheaton
William Kerler
Russel and Hannah Kully
Marguerite Lautenbach
Margaret L. Lieb
David and Sunhee Mans
Victoria M. Martin
James and Robin McCarthy
Carol and Robert McCrary Jr
Paul and Elfriede Michabofsky
Loretta Mockler
Richard Nordin
Jay and Donna Packer
Donald and Gloria Pitzer
Thomas and Elizabeth Polenzani
Byron Prinzmetal
Elliot and Marcia Sainer
Lonnie and Lorraine Schield
Bradley and Victoria Schwartz
Mary M. Scribner
Barry and Susan Shanley
Randy and Mona Shulman
Catherine L. Simms and Garrett Bell
Neal and Judith Skowbo
Alice C. Smith
Earlyn T. Spector
Martha G. Tolles
R. Rhodes and Elizabeth Trussell
Michael and Mary Veselich
Albert and Rosalie Waterman
Robert and Jessica Weiner
James and Cynthia Wight
Dorothy Yarnall



Leaving a Legacy: DONOR STORIES

Ordinary people show extraordinary kindness and generosity by leaving legacy gifts to Union Station in their wills and estate plans. Here are just a few stories about our legacy society donors.  Because of their indelible love of life and concern for others, their memories will never be extinguished, and their gifts will remind us all that we, too, can make a difference in the lives that follow. 

Mitchell Kauffman and Joanne Moran Joanne&Mitch

For Mitchell Kauffman and Joanne Moran, it was a natural decision to make a planned gift to Union Station. Mitchell and Joanne have considerable family history with Union Station Homeless Services. Both have served as members of our Board of Directors – Joanne over a decade ago, and Mitchell more recently for the past eight months. “We believe in the organization’s effectiveness,” says Mitch. “Union Station has the staffing, focus and commitment to make an important impact.”

Mitchell & Joanne believe strongly in the work of Union Station and the impact it can have in the community. Mitchell encourages others to consider making a planned gift. “Be a part of the elimination of homelessness locally.”



Elizabeth “Libby” Lent

Libby Lent2“Libby” was a strong, funny woman. As a long-time resident of Pasadena since 1962, Libby was active in the community and frequently gave of her time and treasure to her church, animal rescue, health services, services for the disadvantaged and many others.  Libby succumbed to pneumonia in her Pasadena home on August 24, one month after her 100th  birthday.  Upon her passing, Union Station received notice of a very generous gift from her estate. We will be forever grateful for Libby’s generosity and kindness, and for the wonderful legacy she left behind in making a planned gift to Union Station.

Dr. Marylou Ingram


Dr. Marylou Ingram was a distinguished scholar, exceptional teacher, and a caring mentor. She was also a caring Pasadena community member with a long history of support for Union Station Homeless Services. She was a Senior Research Scientist and head of Tissue Engineering & In Vitro Systems program at Hunting Medical Research Institutes. Her career in medical research and teaching centered around experimental hematology, radiation biology, cellular immunology and cancer cell biology. Dr. Ingram had a distinguished career in academic medicine and research, including faculty service at the University of Rochester, Caltech, and the University of Miami. She was also at Los Alamos National Laboratory, as a consultant to the National Cancer Institute, the FCA, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and NASA. She was a pioneer in automated cell analysis systems and was a founding director of the Institute for Cell Analysis at the University of Miami. Dr. Ingram was born on June 14, 1920, in Ashtabula, Ohio and received her M.D. degree from the University of Rochester, where she was trained as a hematologist. She passed away on August 12, 2013. She was 93 years old. Our gratitude goes out to her for the wonderful legacy she left behind by making a planned gift to Union Station Homeless Services.



Margaret Lang Powell King

Margaret always passionately gave of her time. She will be remembered for her community contributions, including her involvement with the Pasadena Area Liberal Arts Center (PALAC), the League of Women Voters, The Democratic Party, and the Association of University Women. She loved to discuss books, politics, to travel, and to play bridge with her friends.  The first woman to graduate from college from her small town of Blawnox, PA, Margaret worked as a public school teacher for many years. Margaret married Edwin Powell in 1944 and moved to Pasadena with their two children in 1955. The couple joyously celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary before Ed passed away in 1995. She married Robert King in 1996 and they enjoyed their precious time together until his death in l999. Sadly, Margaret was predeceased by her son Edwin Powell, Jr., and her daughter Margaret Powell.  She is survived by her grandchildren Rita Powell Moomau and Regina Powell, her daughter-in-law Betty Powell, her sister Martha Lang Howard, especially dear nieces Beth Conner and Paula Straile-Costa, and many loving nieces and nephews. Margaret Lang Powell King, passed away May 13, 2011 in Pasadena, CA at the age of 93.  We are grateful for her life and the legacy she leaves. 

David and Sunhee Mans

Sunhee and Dave MansDave is moved to act and give both his time and his money…In addition to serving as a board member of Union Station Homeless Services, Dave has served as President of the Rotary Club, the Pasadena Police Foundation, and the University Club. Dave and his wife Sunhee have been active supporters of Union Station Homeless Services for three years. “This organization is highly respected and dedicated to helping the less fortunate with a hand up,” says Dave. “All charitable organizations need the financial support  of their donors to continue their work. For some, giving to an organization that they’re passionate about in the present is simply not possible.” Dave and Sunhee are proud members of Union Station’s Legacy Society, a group of select individuals who have made  planned gifts to Union Station. The Mans encourage others to consider leaving a legacy through planned gifts as well. “Planned giving offers long term stability to the charity of your choice,” says Dave. “If you’re unable to donate now,” says Dave, “impactful giving can be done later based on the instructions of a will.” As a real estate attorney with Fierstadt & Mans, Dave advises all of his clients to have an estate plan. “An estate plan not only ensures that assets are properly disbursed – it enables you to schedule charitable donations for a future date.”

Gloria and Don Pitzer

Gloria cannot remember a time that she was not involved with Union Station… She attended All Saint’s Church since she was a child and has seen the historical development of Union Station from the soup kitchen on Union Street to the multi-faceted agency it is today. Gloria served as the organization’s Board Treasurer in 1995 and had the pleasure to serve as Board President from 1998-2000 and continues to serve on several committees. It was only a few years ago that Gloria and Don made the decision to include Union Station in their estate plan, modeling for their son Ben, the importance of building a legacy and giving back to help the less fortunate. Gloria is a partner at Palermo, Barbaro, Chinen & Pitzer, LLP a full-service firm; Gloria specializes in Conservatorship, Estate Planning, Probate Administration, and Trust Administration. Don is a retired engineer with JPL involved with the deep space network project.