Union Station Homeless Services

heyjayneGiving is something that most of us would like to do more but often meet the struggle of where? Where will my money be the most effective? Will I ever get to see it in action? Who exactly benefits from these donations? At Union Station Homeless Services you can have all of these questions answered before, after or during a tour of the campus. Union Station is a long standing and dedicated organization set to get our homeless community back on its feet. They have several different locations that cater to almost every kind of situation.

Passageways, is the first step to receiving services at Union Station. Here they interview in intake and decide what is the best plan for their clients to succeed and move on to a more stable lifestyle.

Adult Center, is a 56 bed facility serving both men and women. Here residents are provided with a clean and comfortable place to stay with fresh meals daily, and receive many different support services. This location also has a community meal and shower program! Residents are assisted in finding permanent work and 70% of their income is saved to help make the transition out easier. Last year 60% of residents exiting this program moved on to stable housing.

Next is the Family Center, a 50 bed facility housing parents and children. This location is one of the only shelters in Los Angeles that accepts single fathers with children and teenage boys. This program has a 85% success rate for families moving on to stable living. How is that for hard work!

The Euclid Transitional Apartments, an apartment building with 14 units where residents use 30% of their income as rent. Here they will gain “skills, stability and the confidence needed to secure permanent housing in the future. This program is incredibly impressive with a 100% success rate. Every resident moved on to stable permanent housing last year.

I have volunteered and loved so much about Union Station for a few years now and I can personally say they are truly dedicated to uplifting those who are often forgotten. The meal program is one of the best I’ve seen, the residents are very pleased with the services they receive and the organization is always adding something new to better serve the community.

Don’t wait for a holiday or a natural disaster to serve some one in need. Staff at Union Station wake up and do it everyday.

For donations, volunteer opportunities and tours visit http://www.unionstationhs.org/


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