Union Station Homeless Services (KOST 103.5)

Gregg Von Fempe, Chief Program Officer, has been a clinical social worker for over thirty years with a primary focus on serving the homeless community members with a mental illness. Gregg worked at the Village, MHALA in Long Beach for a number of years before joining USHS. Gregg also was deeply involved with the implementation of the Mental Heath Services Act and helped design and start up many of the Full Service Partnerships in Orange and San Diego Counties. As Union Station’s Chief Program Officer, he is responsible for program design and development and for the supervision of all Union Station’s social services personnel and programs.


Union Station Homeless Services

Our programs are rebuilding lives. We operate seven major programs at six facilities throughout the City of Pasadena, providing a full continuum of care to help our homeless community members become stable and self-sufficient. We carefully craft our programs to give homeless families and individuals everything they need from the time they walk through our doors, until the time they have keys to their own apartment.

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