Union Station Offers Step-by-Step Approach to Escape Homelessness

Pasadena Outlook

Union Station Foundation is the West San Gabriel Valley’s largest comprehensive homeless services agency. The organization, which has been helping homeless community members rebuild their lives, offers a wide range of services to help people address at led to their homelessness and achieve a new, self-sufficient life.

Homeless individuals and families in need of assistance start at Passageways, an intake center operated in part by Union Station which serves as the gateway to all homeless services in Pasadena. At Passageways, homeless people meet with a case manager and receive a comprehensive intake interview, including a medical health assessment. Case managers refer clients to one of Union Station’s shelter programs, such as the Adult Center or Family well as to social service agencies through Southern California.

Each year, nearly 400 homeless people receive the resources they need to permanently escape homelessness utilizing the 56-bed Adult Center and 50-bed Family Center. These shelters provide the homeless a safe shelter bed for up to six months, meals and the supportive served to transform their lives and become productive, stable and self-sufficient. The program has a remarkable impact on the lives of the clients. Last year, 60% of single adults and 76% of families left with housing.

“With Union Station’s help, I got a roof to put over my son’s head,” said 25-year-old Jared, who first experienced homelessness at the age of 8. Now I can give my son the life I always dreamed of. I couldn’t tell you where I would be today if not for Union Station.”

For families who are ready to move beyond emergency shelter to a more independent living environment, Union Station Foundation transitional living at Euclid Villa, its 14-unit apartment complex. Euclid Villa offers families a balance of independence and supportive services they need to mend their family relationships and move toward self -sufficiency. Last year, every family that left the program moved on to permanent housing.

Employment is a vital step on the journey to self-sufficiency. Union Station also operates SOURCES, a career development program that helps homeless and very low-income adults obtain employment and define their career goals. More than 125 people each year find employment through the SOURCES program.

Every year, Union Station sees thousands of homeless people achieve dignity, stability and an infinitely better life.

For more information, call (626) 240-4550 or visit www.unionstationhs.org.

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