So Cal Edison Helps Light the Way for Union Station Foundation Clients

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Southern California Edison recently donated $5,000 to help support Sources, the job readiness program at Union Station’ Foundation. David Ford, Southern California Edison region manager, witnessed the touching graduation of the latest class of students who have completed a 36-hour, two week career development and job training class.

“We never know each person’s personal journey,” Ford said. I wish’ each graduate great success.”

Sources is a career training program for Union Station Foundation’s work-ready clients. The program addresses the short-term need for employment as well as the long-term goal of career advancement. Since January, Sources has offered comprehensive job search and career development services to 48 people, 30 of whom have found full-time jobs. Sources provides its candidates with tangible tools to assist in their job searches, including a comprehensive 36 hour workshop, creation of a resume, filling out a thorough application, proper utilization of job search sources. interviewing skills, goal selling and career advancement. Union Station’s career counselors provide individualized job search assistance, monitor job retention and help candidates gain the confidence necessary to effectively communicate with employers.

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